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  • ⚡ AI rabbit holes: therapy, hacking, nightmares, captchas and more

⚡ AI rabbit holes: therapy, hacking, nightmares, captchas and more

Go down the AI rabbit hole 🐰

⚡ AI rabbit holes: therapy, hacking, nightmares, captchas and more

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Hello friends. I’ve been commissioned a long report about how consumer brands can leverage AI. It’ll be available in a couple of weeks, after I pour more of my heart and soul into it. If you are or know anyone brand-side who’d be interested in answering some questions, would love to connect. So far, I’ve got people from Coca Cola, Nike and more.

PS This is the first larger project coming out of electric dreams, so I’m very excited. I’m also working on tailored trainings and more so - cool things coming.

This week, I’d like to encourage you to dive deep into a couple of AI rabbit holes.

Rabbit hole starting points:

  1. 👨‍⚕️ AI therapy?

  2. 👹 Untraceable artifacts of AI nightmares

  3. 👨‍💻 Hacking ChatGPT

  4. 🤖 Why are captchas getting harder? Tip: You know why, you just don’t want to think about it

  5. 💃 Can you tell which is AI generated?

1. Humans prefer AI therapy, as long as they don’t know it’s an AI

  • “Messages composed by AI (and supervised by humans) were rated significantly higher than those written by humans on their own (p < .001). Response times went down 50%, to well under a minute.”

  • But machines can’t give you the feeling of empathy. Not as long as you know it’s a machine.

2. Is Loab real and is she a terrifying AI-generated demon who roams the latent space? 👹

  • This whole thread is dark, but extremely interesting. Read at own peril.

  • Has anyone been able to recreate it? Reddit answers.

  • Question: Can a thing “haunt” subsequent AI-generated images? How can you know if you have an AI-generated image on your hands? Could you use AI-generated images with hidden messages in this way?

me when i ask ChatGPT how to write a newsletter about ChatGPT

  • Via Inverse

  • Everyone can be a hacker, all you need to know is English.

  • Excerpt “His particular brand of jailbreaking employs a method called DAN — an acronym that’s aptly short for “do anything now.”

    DAN is one of the now numerous roleplaying prompts that are designed to coax ChatGPT into doing any number of unsavory things, including using adult language, lying, or, more notably, offering illegal advice on topics like cooking methamphetamine or hot-wiring cars. While a non-hypnotized ChatGPT will readily explain to you that it can’t tell you how to build a bomb (because that’s bad and you could hurt people or yourself), the same chatbot hypnotized by DAN, in its own words, “doesn’t give a shit.””

  • Great for kicking off any debate on ethics in AI.

4. Why are captchas getting harder? Tip: You know why, you just don’t want to think about it 🤖

  • It is what you think it is, but it’s also more than that. Watch the whole thing.


5. Which one is AI generated? Left, right top or right bottom? 💃

Stay hydrated, eat vegetables. I wish you nice human and non-robot things like sunny skies and solid sleep.

Some of you have responded and shared feedback on what you liked and didn’t like in previous versions - thank you! It’s very encouraging. I appreciate you.


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