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I develop god complex puppeteering virtual spokespeople

⚡ Meet Bill, Midjourney for Video & ChatGPT for Sheets

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Today we have:
→ 🛠️ Tools
🤖 AI Chat Cheat Sheet
🔦 Spotlight on How an AI-Powered Healthcare Startup Uses ChatGPT.

Let’s delve in.

🛠️ Tools - See Gifs for a Short Demo

ChatGPT for Sheets - Game Changer

  • @ Anyone who’s ever used excel, this is for you.  

  • ChatGPT for Sheets means automated data cleaning, classification, extraction, translation and more. It means work stops at 5pm instead of 8.

  • Examples:

    • Clean up name list - select names, ask ChatGPT to remove unnecessary spaces, remove emojis, prefixes, …

    • Categorize - ask ChatGPT if your selected budget spreadsheet fits in food, transport, other expenses, …

  • TLDR; Anytime you’re spending more than 5 minutes on a sheet, ask yourself if ChatGPT for Sheets would help you do it faster.

  • Cost? You’ll need access to the OpenAI API key, which means ChatGPT Plus for $20.

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Oh. Meet my friend Bill.

Quinvio.io - Custom Virtual Spokespeople

  • I created Bill in about two minutes. Quinvio made it super easy.
    → Enter script, pick a face, pick a voice and done.
    → Instead of needing a studio, an actor, camera crew, you go click click and done.

  • NGL - It’s fun to puppeteer Bill and be his Maker. Like next level Sims.

  • Can see this being very useful for creating educational content, HR training videos (any internal comms), customer service.

  • Cost? You get 30 seconds for free (no watermark, unlike most competitors).

  • Bonus: here’s Bill sharing health tips.

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

That’s on the digital human side. Those are predictable - we know what humans look like. What’s truly exciting is the possibility of text to video. Think Midjourney for video. That’s where RunwayML comes in.

RunwayML - Midjourney for Video (Almost)

Bill auditioning for the movie Annihilation

  • That’s Bill again. RunwayML has a feature called “video to video”, which lets you select images (like clouds) to “evolve” existing videos. Bill has evolved into a cloud which I fed into him. Sorry, Bill.

  • But that’s not Midjourney for video. Yet. They’ve promised that for Gen 2 (“providing broad access in the coming weeks”), which could be huge. We’re talking first step to auto-generating the next episode of Succession levels huge.

  • Cost? You get a generous 125 credits which will make you a couple of very creative videos.

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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🤖 AI Chat Cheat Sheet

  1. 🇮🇹 When someone tells you Italy banned ChatGPT
    → Jump in with “did you know Germany and France might follow suit?
    → Follow up with a heated debate about the long-term impact of unequal ChatGPT distribution on the global workforce

  2. 📽 via HBR - How will generative AI disrupt video platforms?
    → The biggest challenges for YouTube, Netflix and TikTok’s are:
    1. Barriers to creation (to feed algos)

    2. Labeling content (to optimize algos for users)
    → Generative AI will fix both (great HBR article)

  3.  📼 YouTube: How do LLMs like ChatGPT work? -
    → Great 10-min video explaining the basics in a way that you won’t (read: I didn’t) fall asleep. 

🔦Spotlight: Using ChatGPT for Business Operations in Healthcare AI

❓ Background: Louis Keyser is Business Ops lead at award-winning healthcare AI startup Juisci 
📚 Fav reads: Ganascia’s Singularity Myth and Lee’s AI Superpowers
🛠️ Fav tool: Journey.io daily for crafting interactive & tailored content for leads

How has ChatGPT changed your job?
Working in Enterprise AI, I witnessed the growing interest and strategies of businesses for AI, with ROIs just beginning to materialize. However, ChatGPT changed the game by accelerating innovation, delivering instant ROI to the masses and raising both excitement and concerns. Quickly, it replaced old tools and created new ones.

In the healthcare sector, AI-driven technologies must be reliable and transparent to gain the trust of the medical community. So its development must consider transparency, accountability, and ethics. ChatGPT reinforces Juisci’s mission to deliver this reliability while helping us to be more efficient daily.

How has AI impacted the efficiency of your business operations?

Juisci itself was founded to help healthcare professionals manage information overload thanks to AI. As a startup we need to deliver results while being cost-effective, I use AI-integrated tools daily to handle client outreach or to enhance text appeal based on multiple pharmaceutical media insights.

Juisci is the first AI-powered platform that delivers bite-sized publications and short form videos to healthcare organizations and professionals. Contact: [email protected]

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