hi:) I'm Tanya 👏 

I'm passionate about tech communications in all its shapes and forms:
- 👩‍💻 Built selfie-to-headshot AI platform the Multiverse AI
- 📰 Featured in publications like Wall Street Journal, BBC and China Daily
- 📝 Reported on the Chinese tech ecosystem for Vogue Business, Jing Daily
- 🗣 Keynote speaker at European Tech Commission, Festival of Licensing
- 📱 Comms for tech brands OnePlus, OPPO, startup accelerator and EU Chamber of Commerce (Cybersecurity)

🤖 Topics that interest me
- Generative AI for brands
- Inclusivity in tech
- Chinese tech ecosystem

✉️ Reach out to me at tanyaelectricdreamer [at] gmail.com