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⚡ AI livestreaming, Jensen Huang and Hello Kitty invasion


Happy new year my beautiful electric dreamers,

2023 was a big year. I built a thriving business, moved to Barcelona and picked up some other things along the way:

  1. The days are long and the years are short (do stuff now)

  2. Embrace failure (be cringe)

  3. Trust your gut (nobody’s gonna know)

8 things to know

  1. News station to use AI avatars instead of human anchors. From Channel1, Expect to see more of this

  2. Krea AI is my latest favorite free image generation tool. It adjusts in real-time and allows for composition changes. Remarkable

  3. After a whole year of testing AI tools, I find that I can do almost anything with ChatGPT Plus. Yes there are some other tools I use a lot. But in the end, the ChatGPT subscription is 110% worth its value when used correctly

  4. AI livestreamers are becoming common in China.During Singles’ Day this year, JD.com’s [similar to Amazon] virtual influencers, called Yanxi virtual anchors, were active in over 4,000 live broadcast rooms”

  5. New York Times’ profile on Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia. Nvidia matters because they basically have a monopoly on all AI chips. Nvidia's head of marketing about the GPU “We invented the category so we could be the leader in it”. From the New York Times

  6. It’s so real. Hello Kitty invasion of the US / Ethan Mollick, Twitter

  1. Doing business in Japan. Your company will provide structure and purpose for your life. Great article on Japanese tech culture by Kalzumeus

  2. Landing pages explained. Which landing pages are great and why

Stay hydrated, eat vegetables.

PS we launched a bunch of new features for Multiverse (my AI headshot startup), including more advanced details and lighting for all headshots, and a feature that lets remote teams create a team gallery. Email me back if you’re interested in learning more.

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Stay hydrated, eat vegatables